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Thursday, August 30, 2012

[REPOST] How We Got the name Cassiopeia

I saw this post over tumblr, and I think it's worth sharing to you guys. :')

Spoiler: Emoshinki alert.

Do you remember how we got the name ‘Cassiopeia’? We got it off of the constellation ‘Cassiopeia’. Five stars that shine brightly in the northern skies. That is ‘Cassiopeia’. But, there’s something you should know about ‘Cassiopeia’. The constellation ‘Cassiopeia’ is one you can see all year round in Korea, and it is also a constellation winter travelers use as a compass to find Polaris.

We, Our name, stays in one place no matter what and guides travelers who have lost their way, and their hope, towards the right path to the bright Polaris. That is where our name comes from.

When we chose our name as ‘Cassiopeia’, we made a promise to ourselves. That we’d always shine brightly upon our stars TVXQ. That we’d shine and protect our stars TVXQ. When they lost their way, when they felt worn out, we would always shine on them from one place so that they could find their way, so that they could find hope. We haven’t forgotten that, right?

I believe that what we have to do is stay right where we are and wait for them. In this spot, so that TVXQ don’t lose their way. So that TVXQ have somewhere to return to. So that they do not lose hope. We have to wait. I don’t know how long this will take. But I will wait.

I will shine light on our path so that TVXQ can return whenever they are ready. 

 Forever proud to be one. ^^ 

Marj <3

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