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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cassiopeia Philippines' 10G: Back Two Basics 08252012

I am not afraid to admit it: I was on semi-hiatus on the TVXQ fandom for a few months.

It's not that I grew tired of them, but I just thought I needed a breather from all the stress (not to mention the heartache) I felt during the last two years brought about by their "separation" and hiatus as a five-member group. But don't take it the wrong way: I have always, and I will forever love them--whether as JYJ or HoMin.

Honestly, I never saw the 10G (short for 10th Gathering) of Cassiopeia Philippines coming so soon~ blame it on the fact the Facebook and Twitter got blocked in my workplace, so I only got to know about it from my friends. When I learned that it'll be a concert screening again, memories of the 7G last May 01, 2010 began to flood my mind:

It was the first gathering of Cassiopeia Philippines after the lawsuit and the hiatus of TVXQ as a five-member group, so the pain brought about by these two factors were still fresh. Tohoshinki's 'The Secret Code Final at the Tokyo Dome' was shown at the UP Film Institute, and around 700 Filipino Cassies watched it together.

Since the hiatus was still fresh, many cried (of course including me) in some of the performances like "Wasurenaide", "Colors~Melody and Harmony", "Stand By U" (a notable perf 'coz this is where most people cried----it's like someone died -_-), "Love in the Ice", and "Bolero". I was excited back then because it was my first time to attend a CassPH gathering. (FYI: I was a good student who was active in my extra-curricular activities in school and church back then, so I really didn't have much time to go to CassPH's gatherings, and I would just fangirl over the boys secretly.)


Fast forward to August 25, 2012.

I then purchased tickets and canceled all my other appointments last Saturday (which included a reunion with my college classmates) for the 10G. I was so excited since I will be seeing again my co-Cassies, and yeah, spazz together again. Tohoshinki's recently-ended TONE Live Tour 2012 at the iconic Tokyo Dome was slated for screening that day.

Stupid me: I was late 'coz I had to do some last minute errands from my mom, and thank God I have such sweet friends 'coz they reserved a seat for me (I love you UBE people! Uknow who you are!) inside Cinema 6 of Gateway Mall in Cubao.

 Awesome friends: (from left) Maecy, Leo, Me, Jeff, Maki, Joanne, and JP (sitting) ^^

When I came inside, Changmin and Yunho (Caveat: It's still a pain for me to call HoMin TVXQ.) were singing "Toki Wo Tomete".

The moment I sat down and saw Yunho and Changmin performing onstage, I was awed with how they improved as musicians. I am totally loving the fact that Yunho now sings more often, and how Changmin keeps up with Yunho when it comes to dancing.


The following scenes are not in order, coz I was too INCOHERENT to remember what transpired the moment I sat down. XD

* Yunho's "Honey Funny Bunny": OHMYGOD IS THIS A PORN FILM?? Too much of Yunho's sexiness on a movie screen = DEAD ME. Everyone's screams were deafening! WHOOOO YUNWHORE MOMENT ACTIVATED!

* Changmin's "Rusty Nail": ALL HAIL ROCKERSHINKI CHANGMIN! He just owned the stage~ an excellent stage presence reminiscent of Jaejoong's "Maze" performance at JYJ's Thanksgiving Concert (also at Tokyo Dome) last 2010. Moreover, I am so loving his exposed chest. Way to go maknae! You are really a grown up man now! *___*

* "We Are": This reminded me of the five-member Tohoshinki during their Secret Code Concert---throwing signed balls in the audience while in a moving cart. I was busy being nostalgic until I got surprised when a ball suddenly hit my head: I picked it up and lo and behold, it's Changmin's "signed" ball. Creative thinking, CassPH core! :)

 Presenting: Changmin's Ball. ^^
(Author's photo)

* YUNHO THE VAMPIRE: A better love story than Twilight. XD *shows neck with 'insert fangs here sign'* (No pun intended.)

Bite me now. Please.
(GIF credit: tumblr)

* Changmin aka the forever alone guy: CassPH's side comments for the win. ;)

Why so adorable? :)
(GIF credit: tumblr)

* "Before U Go": Yunho moaning on digital surround sound = KILLED THE HELL OUT OF ME. Changmin's sonic scream machine = DOUBLE DEAD ME.

* "Maximum": I just love the umbrella dance break!!!! HoMin would totally pass as geishas, too. ^^

* "Why: Keep Your Head Down": Explosive fanchants from the audience. Totally loved it.

* "Still" has to be one of my favorites. It was a very honest and serene performance. The white lightsticks reminded me of the "Stand By U" (it was blue in SBU) perf in the TSC Concert. Same goes for "Flowers with Colors of Happiness", "Duet" and "Telephone". ^^

 White Ocean <3

* "Back to Tomorrow" and the heavy piano riffs are majestic to the ears, "Thank You My Girl" is an excellent mix of classical and modern beats, and "B.U.T." kept the crowd going dung-dung-dung-dung-dung-dung-dung-dung~

* Tohoshinki Dancers and Tohoshinki Band: The best of the crop. Lucky Yunho and Changmin to have this awesome crew to back them up on their concerts.

* I haven't seen "Mirotic" 'coz I was late. Kill me now, FML. -_-

* The red lightsticks being waved by the CassPH audience is just lalalove. Red ocean <3

* The AWESOME visual effects on the screens. Totally pwned me, especially in "I Don't Know".

* They also sang old songs like "Summer Dream", the forever powerful "Rising Sun" and "High Time". Refreshing to the ears 'coz they haven't sang them for quite a while....

...And of course, JYJ's voices are sorely missed. Remember the big, round, revolving stage? It's just too big for two or three people. Emoshinki alert.

* Changmin's mismatched eyes and cuteness OVERLOADDDDDDD. He just looked oh-so-adorable when he poured water on his head.

Credit: as tagged 

Changmin, why so cute??? ^^ 
(GIF credit: tumblr)

* "Easy Mind" and YUNHO'S ATTEMPT IN DOING AEGYO. We were all screaming wildly when we saw Yunho making pa-cute and all! OH GOD I WANT TO SQUISH HIS CHEEKS *_________* I totally dig this song 'coz it reminded me of the beach~ a perfect addition to my summer song playlist. And oh, Yunho's whistling = priceless.

 I just have to enlarge this GIF. *_*

* "Weep": The best performance for me. I just loved it whenever singers ask the audience members to sing along with them; you can really feel the deep connection between HoMin and the 50,000+ strong people there. Yunho's tears are way too precious, and the support given by Bigeast to the two of them during the low points of their career is just overwhelming. Shed a few tears, too.

 *sobs along with Yunho*
Credit: as tagged

* "Somebody to Love": A Tohoshinki concert favorite that never gets old. Still very classy in its own right. Everyone was just so jumpy. Wished we did the same inside the cinema, but I was worried what might happen if we all jump inside. XD

* Junsu's UNCOMMIRRRRRED, ugh, UNCOMMITTED MV~ Too much screammmiiinnggggg! How can this guy sing about betrayal and one-night stands?? XD

* JYJ Premium Video Collection from Hawaii: The Tagalog subtitles made by CassPH never fail to make me laugh. XD And ohhhhhh, hello there JYJ cuteness and smexiness!

 Read Junsu's facial expression. XD

YOOCHUN *___________*

 These bunch of adorkable guys had a great time in Hawaii.
(credits: tumblr + as tagged in the pic)


The merch is just so awesome, too. I bought a replica shirt of the TONE Live Tour + an awesome TONE Live Tour lightstick which I think will come in handy during brownouts and emergency situations. :)

 TONE Live Tour 2012 Replica Shirt (Red)
(Author's photo)

TONE Live Tour Lightstick
(Author's photo)

And oh, the Bigeast Pass and HoMin's Thank You Note are really nice as well. It makes me imagine that I really attended the concert. ^^

 Bigeast Pass <3
(Author's photo)

Thank You note from Changmin ^^

Awesome merch from CassPH! *_*


So this is how it feels like coming back after a semi-hiatus. I was so pumped up that I kept screaming my lungs out during the concert, not wary of the impending sore throat I might have. It's just so refreshing. For the record, I haven't seen any HoMin or JYJ in the past months, so seeing them again made my eyes lit up with joy.

Watching Yunho and Changmin stand on Tokyo Dome again makes me proud as a Cassiopeia. They've been through a lot since the (that awfully slow) lawsuit, and yet, they still worked hard for their fans. And now, they are reaping the fruits of their success.  

The grandeur and splendor of the Tokyo Dome is really fitting for the kings, or should I say, gods of KPOP.

Cassiopeia Philippines never fails to impress Filipino TVXQ fans, and through its various activities (fandom-related or not--like donating to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society and Gawad Kalinga), they were able to build an efficient support group for the fans who suffered the pains of the separation. CassPH is the angel sent by the 5 gods to strengthen the bond of Filipino Cassies. I've seen so many familiar faces since the 1st gathering I've attended, which is the 7G, and I am also very happy to see new faces as well. *group hug*

I have nothing but praises for the CassPH core members and volunteers for their never-ending dedication to spread the red ocean love to Filipino KPOP fans. Seriously guys, I am so proud of you. Your commitment is something that cannot be compensated by any amount of money.

I hope you guys enjoyed the event as much as I did---after all, nothing beats the feeling of spazzing together as a group, and sharing together the joys and pains of our beloved gods.

That's what CassPH is all about---staying with TVXQ through thick and thin.

 GIF credit: Maecy Espiritu (amaecying@gmail.com)

I will always and forever be proud to be part of this wonderful family.

Until the 11G! Tohonight part 2 juseyo! :)

Keeping the Faith,
Marj <3

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