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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[April 2012] Compilation of Write-ups

Late post is REALLY late. Screw work. XD

Note: This were the articles that I wrote for OneTVXQ's online magazine (TVXQWorld) for its April 2012 issue. I omitted the first paragraph coz it's the same paragraph with my post regarding Cassiopeia Philippines winning the Fanchant Battle last July 2011 in Dreamwidth. ;)

The first one is regarding CassPH's 9th Gathering, the second one is about my DBSK Song of the Month, and third one is my DBSK Spring Photo of the Month~ ^^


Keeping The Faith the Filipino Way

(1st paragraph omitted)

Cassiopeia Philippines (CassPH for brevity) is the premiere TVXQ/DSBK/Tohoshinki/JYJ fanclub in the Philippines which aims to unite TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/JYJ fans through various activities. The name “Cassiopeia Philippines” was given by Yunho when TVXQ came to the Philippines last January 2006 for the shoot of the Ramodo CF. (I was there~ Hooray for Jaejoong's awesome waistline). The fan club was formed in June 2006, and has been active in many KPOP-related events in the Philippines.

Last February 25, 2012, CassPH held it's 9th Gathering: The Red Room Exhibit (also called the 9G) at the Top Shelf of Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig. This article is more like of a fan account because I personally went there with my friends. ^^

Inspired by Bigeast's “The Omotesando”, CassPH presented TVXQ's discography in an exhibit-like manner. CassPH presented all the album jackets of TVXQ's Korean and Japanese albums from 2003 up to the present. My eyes had a feast over the massive display of the group's official merchandise, albums, singles, photobooks, fan goods, and magazines. My whole TVXQ collection wouldn't even reach ¼ of the collection on display. Posters plasted on the wall left the fans spazzing and ogling over their favorite member/s.

Our first stop was to attend a Private Film Screening of DBSK's best live performances in Japan and Korea, as well as a dose of JYJ's funny moments from their Come On Over DVD. While it is true that most of us had already watched these on our own, nothing beats the fun it brings while watching these with our fellow fans—spazzing and squealing to our hearts' content.

I was in nostalgia while looking at the big display commemorating DBSK's achievements as group from their debut in 2003. The Individual Corner is where fans got to see the member’s personal profiles and achievements; then there's The Drama Corner, where posters of the members’ journey as promising actors were put up and the Concerts Corner, which is a compilation of best scenes and moments captured from all 3 Asia Tours and 4 Live Tours, as well as a display of physical copies of concert DVDs and goods. This is indeed a proof of DBSK's hard work for the past years, and such were a proof of how successful they are not only in Korea, but in many parts of the world as well.

One more thing which I liked about the gathering is the Tohocafe. This small, cute shop in the corner of the exhibit area sold dongbang-nized cupcakes, cream puffs, cheesecakes, coffee and chocolate named after the members. You can enjoy these sweet treats beside DBSK's standees at the balcony. I personally loved the mini-cheesecakes, and even bought some for my family. :)

The Library was another favorite for me because some of my stuff were on display. Photobooks and magazines where DBSK are featured were all available for browsing.

The CassPh corner contained memorabilias such as tickets from past gatherings, fangoods and trophies the fanclub has won throughout the years. Media giants such as Myx Philippines and GMA were also present during the event.

With the help of PolyEast Records and Astroplus, CassPH presented the JYJ “In Heaven” album launch, where 300 imported copies of the said album’s black version were released. Each purchase also entitles the buyers a special JYJ t-shirt, drawstring bag, two posters and a notepad. This is such a nice treat because you get all of these items for a reasonable price.

When nighttime came, the speakers went on full volume as the epic Tohonight commenced, which is basically a party where Cassies danced the night away to non-stop DBSK/JYJ hits. The TohoBar also provided dongbang-nized cocktails and drinks for the party-loving people. This has to be my favorite part of the gathering because I got to unwind and dance with my friends and fellow Cassies. Everyone danced to the tune of Empty, Rising Sun, O-Jung Ban Hap, Intoxication, Checkmate, Choosey Lover (a club favorite), and the very fun Hi Ya Ya, where everyone sang and danced in unison. ^^

It was such a marvel to see how Filipino Cassies held on to their faith by participating in our fan club's activities despite all the issues being faced by DBSK. And again, this is is just one of the ways of showing to the whole KPOP fandom that Cassiopeia is STILL here, and will always be here for DBSK. Such faith will never falter until eternity.

Always keep the Faith!


DBSK Song of The Month: Tea for Two

The snow has finally subsided and the flowers started to bloom----the spring season is definitely here. Spring announces its arrival with white and yellow blossoms and by various festivals being celebrated around the world. Spectators can stroll along parks and enjoy the warm view amidst colorful and splendid flowers, and enjoy the cool breeze of the air.

Actually, I had three songs debating in mind for this issue's featured DBSK song, and after listening to them one by one again and again, I finally came up with “Tea for Two”. “Tea for Two” is part of Tohoshinki's 28th Japanese single “Stand By U”, which was released last July 01, 2009.

While “Stand By U” is a ballad, “Tea for Two” is a mid-tempo and upbeat song. It has funky beat which makes your head move along to the music. The intro sounds like the birds humming—a cuckoo which sits in the leafy twig and sings her melody. A light breeze blows from the south and feels very pleasant. It is indeed a song perfect for relaxation.

The soothing voices of Tohoshinki gives off a relaxing vibe, and this is a song perfect for the spring season. The sound of the harmonica is indeed music to the ears. I really think this song would be more beautiful if this was performed live by the five of them. I actually imagined how the music will look like if ever one is released---the Tohoshinki guys sitting on a coffee shop, wearing laid-back and light-colored clothes, and of course, drinking tea. ^^


DBSK Spring Photo of the Month: Bonjour Paris
The Bonjour Paris era has to be one of my favorite TVXQ eras so I chose this as the Spring Photo of the Month. Their outfits here perfectly match the season and gives off a European vibe because of the plain-colored jackets, checkered polos, and shirts with large prints. The clothes were carefully selected so as to match TVXQ's laid-back personality. Their hairstyles are so perfect for their clothes as well.