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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DBSK GIF of the day 09052012

I have come to realize that I have amassed quite a number of DBSK GIFs from tumblr; so, like in my Big Time Rush blog, (and in the name of equality and fairness) I have decided to do this GIF-a-day thingy too~ :D

So everyday, (or whenever I am able---I'm so sorry because I only get to post things likes these at the office) I will be posting a DBSK-related GIF, and this will come from their MVs, TV guestings, photoshoots (they don't hold the world record for being the world's most photographed celebrities for nothing) or performances. ^^

Here's the first one for today!

Meet the new members of the animal kingdom~ it's the guys sporting animal costumes for the album photoshoot for their 3rd album, "O-正.反.合".

There's Junsu the lamb, Yoochun the rabbit, Jaejoong the lion, Changmin the deer, and Yunho the tiger. *_____* Too much cuteness! XD

Marj <3

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