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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

LSSed: Still Uncommitted

While everyone is going gaga over PSY's viral "Gangnam Style" (including me), I had other songs in mind to be crazy about. Recently, I've been addicted to Xia Junsu's "UNCOMMITTED", and Tohoshinki's "STILL"~

Hence, the title of this blog post, "STILL UNCOMMITTED". Makes sense, right?

Like what I said in my previous post regarding Cassiopeia Philippines' 10G, how can an innocent and sweet guy like Junsu sing about betrayals and one night-stands? *_* This guy has obviously matured in terms of singing.

While "Tarantallegra" is a heavy-beat dance track, "Uncommitted" has a strong American pop-ballad vibe, which reminds me of those songs by Usher or Ne-Yo. It's no doubt that Junsu looks so mature and stylish (not to mention hot, too) in the video, and I completely commend him for releasing a song in pure English.The gray hair totally fits him too.

I was completely smitten by this song. Junsu's charisma and awesome voice never fails. <3

Then there's Tohoshinki's "Still".

This was released on March 2012 as their 33rd single in Japan. I fell in love with it as soon as I heard it, and I attribute it to the piano accompaniment~ you can clearly hear it on the background. Their voices totally blend with the mood of the song, and it's so nice to hear how their voices build good dynamics--not overpowering one another. Ballads--this is the genre where Tohoshinki excels the most.

Whether it is ballad, dance, pop, or a capella, they simply sing it with flair.

More than the melody and the voices, I also fell in love with the lyrics of the song~ Such a beautiful declaration of love.

So there you go~ excuse while I shuffle these two songs on repeat. :)

Marj <3

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  1. I can totally here it on repeat from where I'm sitting and I am not complaining even one bit..