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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[June 2012] Yoochun’s Hair of the Month

A/N: This is another article which I wrote for the June issue of TVXQWorld. ^^

Yoochun’s Hair of the Month

It’s our dandy boy’s birthday month, so for this issue, I chose my favorite hairstyle of him to be featured. I chose his short hairstyle during the ‘Colors~Melody and Harmony’ era, which also happens to be my favorite Yoochun hairstyle of all time. I remember totally flailing the first time I saw it in 2009. This short hairstyle totally fits him, and it exudes an aura of manliness, while not losing the boy-next-door charisma that he possesses. Pairing it up with a plaided polo and scarf (like what he wore in their perfs) gives off that relaxing and laid-back look which makes him as everyone’s dream guy. Known in TVXQ for having the most eccentric hairstyles, Yoochun has been experimenting on how to fix his hair for quite some time now. Well, I guess whatever hairstyle Yoochun is donning, I’m sure it’ll all look good on him. ^^ Happy birthday Chunnie! :)

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