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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[June 2012] DBSK Song of the Month

A/N: This is another article which I wrote for the June issue of TVXQWorld. ^^

DBSK Song of the Month: Love Bye Love

Yoochun celebrates his 26th/27th birthday this June, and so for this issue, I think it is just fitting to feature one song composed by our birthday boy. I actually went through the list of his compositions, listened to them one by one, and after so much deliberation, I finally chose one song to be featured as the DBSK Song of the Month. It’s so difficult to choose, and if only I had the liberty to feature all of them, I would have done so.

For this issue, I decided to review “Love Bye Love (사랑 안녕 사랑)”, which is off DBSK’s fourth Korean album, Mirotic. The music and lyrics were all penned by Yoochun.

From the title itself, you can easily say that this is a song about saying goodbye to a loved one, and true enough, the song is a sad ensemble of all the sadness one feels whenever they have to say goodbye to a loved one---in this case, breaking up with your special someone.

The song starts off with a birds chirping at the background, and a narration from fellow SME artist Go Ara, saying “I’ve gotten over you.. Sorry.” Ouch.

“Love Bye Love” is a mid-tempo song featuring the angsty yet angelic voices of the members of DBSK. We can see how the members do their adlibs in the different parts of the song. Each line of the song was sung with so much emotion, and you can really feel it as you listen. Changmin’s powerful voice at the last chorus left me in awe. I wonder, how high can this guy’s voice get? What makes this song even more special is the fact that Junsu raps alongside Yunho in the bridge. This is something special, as the rapping duties are usually assigned to Yunho and Yoochun.

Going over the lyrics of the song, I discovered how heavy the lyrics are. Yoochun is a genius for pulling off such emotions and putting them in a song, and now I wonder if this song was based on his own experience. Here are some of the lines, to wit:

“When the color of our memories has faded, when it gets cloudy,
That's when I'll try to end my feelings of love,
Bye bye bye my love, bye bye bye my love.”

“Being hurt again by the love you have given me,
The grevious pain, a wanderer who wears an achromatic color,
The loser in the tears that could not be embraced,
Let's not ever experience a love like this.”

“The music I can hear in the crowded street,
I can feel my heart stop beating today,
I wonder if I was always a good person towards you...
Our happy days which could not be stopped like the clouds.”

Whoa, that was heavy---not to mention, painful, too.

He even re-arranged this song and performed it on his own during DBSK’s Mirotic Concert in 2009.

Yoochun’s ingenuity and versatility in composing music is indeed something which makes him a real musician. He writes and sings from the heart, which makes him well-loved by his fans.

I hope Yoochun composes more songs in the future--songs which will mirror one’s real feelings, when they run out of words to say.

Happy birthday, Yoochun!

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